Hire a caricature artist for your event!

I'm Dan Wild, a illustrator, designer and caricaturist in Illinois and I'd love to caricature at your event!

View my price sheet and contact me at (309) 269-3056 or dan@danwild.com.


What clients are saying...

"Dan is a wonderful caricature artist who brings some great entertainment to any event. Professional, skillful and personable, I have enjoyed working with Dan over the past 3 years."
— Danielle Wilberg, University of Illinois

"Dan is an extremely reliable, punctual, and talented artist. Our company has worked with him for several years and I have never received a complaint. In fact, our customers have called Dan "...very courteous and extremely talented..." and "...a nice addition to our party". I would recommend Dan as a caricature artist to anyone."
— Sophy Tuttle, About Faces Entertainment

"Dan is an exceptional caricature artist who always has provided reliable service as a caricature artist for our agency."
— Robert Bauer, The Nose Caricature Company