Hire a caricature artist for your event!

I'm Dan Wild, an event and commissioned caricaturist in Illinois. I've had over 15 years experience caricaturing at events and I'd love to caricature at yours!

View my price sheet and contact me at (309) 269-3056 or dan@danwild.com.


What clients are saying...

"Dan is a wonderful caricature artist who brings some great entertainment to any event. Professional, skillful and personable, I have enjoyed working with Dan over the past 3 years."
— Danielle Wilberg, University of Illinois

"Dan is an extremely reliable, punctual, and talented artist. Our company has worked with him for several years and I have never received a complaint. In fact, our customers have called Dan "...very courteous and extremely talented..." and "...a nice addition to our party". I would recommend Dan as a caricature artist to anyone."
— Sophy Tuttle, About Faces Entertainment

"Dan is an exceptional caricature artist who always has provided reliable service as a caricature artist for our agency."
— Robert Bauer, The Nose Caricature Company